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Remote application

You can participate in any IEC program remotely. It is safe and affordable. Below are six simple steps for your participation in the Work and Travel USA program.

1. Review the terms of the program.

2. Choose program option: Self-Arranged (you already have a job offer ), or Full Service (a job offer will be provided by the program sponsor).

3. Sign the online program agreement (PDF, 1,3 МБ). It is quite long and rather boring. :-)). But you definitely need to read it before signing. Then print out a copy and keep it for yourself. All questions on the agreement can be asked online (chat window at the bottom right), or by e- mail If there are no questions, then put a tick in the box “I agree with the terms of the contract” and click “Send”.

4. After you sign the online program agreement, we will contact you for a short Skype interview. During the interview you can ask your questions about the program.

5. Pay the application fee of $335 through this link.You need to pay within 3 days after signing the contract. A confirmation of payment should be sent to Please write in the subject line: Transfer copy and then write your name and surname.

6. We will send to you the information on registration procedure and a link to the online Work and Travel USA program application form.


Remote Application Form

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